Who am I, 

My name is Justin Reap and I am a Real Estate Salesperson with EXIT Realty Connections. Born in Ukraine and adopted to a great family that brought me over to, America when I was 6. Skipping a few years… I have played a few sports (soccer, and football) during school which has helped develop sportsmanship and teamwork. Skipping a few more years. I have become an Eagle Scout. As a scout I have learned many things from Leadership (teaching younger scouts tools of trade), Survival in woods (how to build a fire, first aid, how to purify water), it’s basically a little bit of everything to make scouts into role models for others where only 1 in 4 scouts become an Eagle Scout. Another few years… I have completed college, where I have a two year degree in Business Administration, and Accounting.

Hobbies – Camping, Hiking, Netflix, Eating, Traveling, Craft Breweries, Drinking, and Gambling because you got to live a little. All this is usually done responsible except for the eating, some days consist of ice cream (Mint Chocolate Chip) other days are salads, who knows what the day will bring.

Why Real Estate? 

When in high school my mind went to accounting and working with houses and the freedom of schedule. I believe we are forced to decide a career to soon, so I went to school and although I graduated felt as though I haven’t learned anything of value and to avoid debt I stopped going after getting my two year degrees. I wanted to make sure I like the field that I was going to spend another 4 years of school in. While looking for a job, everyone wants 5 years of experience and a bachelors so minimum pay. The numbers just don’t add up. So I found a real estate course while on a mini hiatus after working 80 hours a week to pay off some debt. I got my license and now here we are.

Justin is the best! He found me the perfect home on my end viewing! he was available morning, noon, and night and dealt with all my craziness as a first time home buyer! He was patient, knowledgeable and always had time for me. He held my hand through the entire process! I couldn't have asked for a better realtor, and I can't say enough good things about Justin! So see for yourself and look no further! I went through 4 realtors before him!

Sheryl Gizzi

Justin is a great Realtor. He actually cold called us when we were trying to sell a house.  He is very persistent, very receptive, and very knowledgeable. For such a young guy we have always been impressed with him. He sold that house for us with the first offer and he helped us find a house in Beacon which we recently closed on. The team of lenders and lawyers that he connected us with are top-notch. I would recommend him to all of our friends and family in the area. Thank you, Justin.

Liz Seamans

I Just want to say Justin was an excellent realtor, answered all our questions, was always so attentive, always kept in contact with us, and always went above and beyond for us. I can not thank him enough for making this process so smoothly. I have recommended him to anyone I know who is in the market for a house.

Cinthia J.M. 

If you are looking for a realtor look no further! Justin made our buying process so simple! He was there every step of the way and made sure that we were getting the best deal possible. He made us feel like his best friend, not a client. That made all the difference is the world. Thank you, Justin, for making this process amazing and so easy!

Danielle DeMuro


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